Sunday 26th September 2010 On my way to India

Sunday 26th September 2010 I arrived at Heathrow this morning after a late nights work in the studio resulting in very little sleep and a hazy journey in the car with my very patient fella Lee. I checked in as normal and went for a bite to eat, it was lunch time and I could not resist the smell of fresh Italian coffee and pasta laced with garlic and tomato. The conversation followed the normal daily chit-chat, sinking diaries and discussing the next Dynamic Pictures Project, next years bookings and skiing adventures with clients. All mundane stuff for two people for whom travel is a big part of their careers. All my equipment was packed up as if I was off to photograph another European wedding or hotel. We then said our usual quick goodbyes at the gate and I wandered off through security. As I watched some students struggle with the demands from the security guards it hit me like a Bollywood movie, (too many senses going on in one moment) this was no ordinary business trip or mini adventure to the usual European destinations to photograph the stylish, I wouldn’t be back on Tuesday morning or even the following week in fact I wouldn’t be back until Christmas and I don’t feel my goodbyes have been strong enough. I going on a life adventure that has been in the planning for about 18 months but I don’t think until that moment I had actually thought too much about it….. I don’t know how long I stood there while the

Polly at Work by Rachel Allen

shirty lady was telling me to take my belt off and eventually had to grab me my the arm to get me to move on. A whole host of feelings hit me and to my disappointment not a one of excitement entered my body. I have been so busy finishing work for clients that I was now worried I was doing the right thing 13 weeks in Southern India Volunteering for the youth education and country charity Raleigh… My job description…… My personal goal to feel I’ve contributed in improving someones life, To improve my tolerance, patience and understanding. To make some work that soaks up the atmosphere what ever in might be and ‘capture the experience’ for you to see. Most of all I want to do some good for others and for all of you that supported me in this venture. It sounds like an epic challenge, lets see if I can achieve it watch this space….. Here we go what will the morning bring who knows certainly not me……….