May 2010 Blog

Sarah and Castle coming home... clear!

May has flown by in a haze, it must be all the paint fumes I have been taking in while painting my new UK Studio in Brincliffe, Sheffield. It has taken all month to turn the disused loft space into to a presentable and usable studio but we are nearly there. I have finally moved in, although the signs and samples for the walls don’t arrive until the end of June. I am really pleased with the space. It is already proving to be a great place for my clients to visit to see their images, or just to discuss their requirements. I have my first studio portrait clients booked in for June and the lighting set up for products is already a hit with my commercial customers.

I’ve gone all equine this May. Photographing horses has always been a passion of mine.

warming up 'money counter' for the show jumping

The highlight was two days photographing Matthew Hinckley’s eventers, ridden by a good friend, Sarah Healy, at Chatsworth International Horse Trials. Two clear rounds on one horse and just one fence down in the show jumping for the other, not bad for his first novice event. Here are a couple of my favorite shots. During the eventing season I work privately for owners and riders taking photographs behind the scenes ‘capturing their experience’. I produce slide shows and coffee table albums for the sponsors and owners so that they can experience all the atmosphere they so often miss out on. If you want to know more about this service you can contact me at You can view the rest of the days images here you might even spot yourself if you were there.

get up, manny!!!

I have been doing some publishing work as well. My early morning visit to the local fish market was such a giggle and the freshness of the fish was unreal absolutely no smell at all!! The fish had come in fresh from Grimsby that morning.


I had a small incident with an over aggressive lobster he wriggled so much as we took him out of his tank that he soaked me wet through, I guess he thought I was going to eat him. The large sign saying do not handle the live lobsters should have given me a clue I might cause an incident. When he finally calmed down he made a very good model and I put him back in the tank to be eaten at a later date.

I hope to have some photographs of the new studio for next months blog, as well as news on some new products. I have a trip to the vin yards of Northern Spain planned too, so check out next months blog to hear all about it.

Enjoy the sunshine if we get any!!