June 2012, Bicycles and Flames

June was all about the London 2012 Olympic Flame!

It has been a Sportstastic June for me. I’ve worked on the London 2012 Olympic Flame event for one of the main sponsors of the games, I have to say I was quite pessimistic about the torch relay before I had chance to experience it, I didn’t really grasp the point of it. I thought it was a lame attempt to get the whole country behind an event that, lets face it, is really a London thing and not a UK wide experience. However the experience of seeing the flame pass though towns and villages and the joy and hope it has given so many I would really recommend you make the effort to see it in it’s last few stages. If the organizers aim was to get the country connected to the games then I think in a small way they have achieved their goal. I certainly enjoyed the experience and I even got to have a cheeky hold and a little run with it, all in the name of explaining the shot I wanted to take of course!!

London 2012 Olympic Flame Up Close and Personal

From the Olympics in London to The French Alps then the Italian Dolomites. I had a couple of shoots in France on my way to Italy to take part in the biggest cycle sportive of my life Maratona Dles Dolomites, I’m writing an article on the event.

Welcome to Italy!

We traveled to Italy over the Mountains which gave me the opportunity to shoot the Alpcycles boys on one of their ‘Big Col’ weeks on the Col du Petit St Bernard, a stunning mountain climb about 30km long but a really lovely gradient of average 5%, it has to be on any keen cyclists bucket list. Here are a couple of my favorite shots.

Col du Petit St Bernard Open!

Col du Petit St Bernard Final Few Kilometers

The Final Approach to Italy Only a 8km to Go!!

The AlpCycles Boys

St Bernard is cheering you on!

Made It!

I am now in Italy I take part in one of the biggest sportive events in Europe tomorrow, so I am a little scared. Here are a couple of shots of the forth Mountain of the day, when I reach this point I only have another 60km and two cols to go so wish me luck!!

The Top of Passo Gardena… What a view! 2121m

The Descent on Passo Gardena only 6okm to go!

You can read all about this amazing event and see the rest of my pics from the day next month. If make it!!

bye for now!!