Hawnby & Arden Estates Beaters Day



As Gamekeeper David Wharton blew the horn to signal the end of the drive and indeed the end of the Pheasant shooting season I am already excited about the next one. I have to say it is so good to be back in North Yorkshire photographing gun dogs again and the Hawnby Estate could not be more picturesque. It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of the Hawnby Estate team this season. Being part of a professional crew of beaters, pickers and loaders has been super exciting. It is rare to meet such a friendly shoot team lead by such gentlemanly keeper. Beaufort and I feel we have had a privileged view of the skillful management of every shoot day. We have made some lovely new friends and Beaufort is learning to be a great gun dog from a fantastic crew of canine hero’s.

We all had some cracking sport on the beaters day, I was obviously shooting my camera and not a gun, it was so great to get some fab pictures of all the team but especially the dogs that work so hard all season they really are a bunch of super stars! I am not sure who had the most fun the guns, the dogs or me!

Thanks to all who starred in our season it’s been a blast!