Baldwins Book

Friday 17th of September was an exciting day at my studio. A large lorry arrived carrying five pallets full of boxes. A small crowd had gathered of designers editors and chefs as I opened the first box and took the first glimpse and feel of our book ‘Baldwins The First Thirty Years’ .Paul and I, our first look at the printed book

Paul Cocker of RMC publishing helped me unveil the book in all it’s glory. We worked really hard on the design of the book so were obviously nervous  for it to meet the expectations of our clients and authors, David and Pauline Baldwin (my parents) who are perfectionists when it comes to their business. 18 months in the making I’ve been attached to both the pen and camera and my dad’s side while we traveled Europe gathering information and some fantastic images to illustrate their story. Finally August was a very difficult month in the studio for Paul and I, putting it all together getting it to feel and look just right.

The project has been oar-consuming trying to realize our dream, a book that illustrates a vibrant and versatile business. The restaurant is well-known within the trade and the north as one of  the best banqueting restaurants in the UK so as you can imagine the pressure was quite intense on delivery day.  I was anxious not to let them down.

The Clients First InspectionWe are all very pleased with the book the authors are happy with the all so important feel and appearance and it remains to be seen what the critics make of it. The guests at the launch were all impressed, I hope it was appreciation for the book and not just the free-flowing wine. The chat on face book and the local press is positive and the varied recipes that take you on a culinary journey over 5 decades are proofing popular so…. How do you get your hands on this  coffee table cook book so you can improve your catering and wine knowledge as well as cook up a fabulous dinner party I here you ask?

All good book stores are stocking it but why not get a copy signed by the man himself and go direct to the restaurant call Sam at Baldwins on 00441142551818 to purchase a copy.

Why not let me know what you think.