A Cracking Day Out – Point 2 Point Yorkshire


A fabulous Yorkshire day out last week at the races point 2 pointing with the Bilsdale at Easingwold.

The sun was shining and the racing was fast and closely contested an exciting day fun was had by everyone here are a few of my favorite pictures!

Bilsdale_P2P_BL3Q4374 Bilsdale_P2P_BL3Q4395 Bilsdale_P2P_BL3Q4420 Bilsdale_P2P_BL3Q4483 Bilsdale_P2P_BL3Q4518 Bilsdale_P2P_BL3Q4575 Bilsdale_P2P_BL3Q4577 Bilsdale_P2P_BL3Q4584 Bilsdale_P2P_BL3Q4601 Bilsdale_P2P_BL3Q4870 Bilsdale_P2P_BL3Q4950