A Busy Summer 2010

I guess I should apologise to all of you regular readers for not publishing a blog for June July and August. The truth of the matter is I have packed so much into these months that each time I sat down to write the blog I couldn’t decide what to tell you all about so I wrote nothing which is ridiculous. I am sorry to all of you who have been nagging me on face book and emailing asking for an update here it is……

Favourite shoot from June – Rioja,

Rioja in June

I was very lucky in June to spend three days in Rioja photographing and writing for my parents’ restaurant book that will be published this September. It was my first trip to Rioja but certainly will not be the last the quality of light was truly awesome my only regret was our hectic schedule did not allow ample time for evening or early morning shoots. We had a personal tour of Bodega Muga which was the absolute highlight of the trip. You can read a little section of the book all about Muga here. This is my favourite shot looking across the vines of Faustino after a rather fine early morning wine tasting it’s amazing I managed to get my exposure correct I’d drank so much!!!


Studio Pet Portraits

Studio Pet Portraits

Weddings came think and fast in July and August as usual and I’d like to send my warmest congratulations to all my Brides and grooms, we have had some fun days together all very different and unique. I also opened the new studio which has been in full swing since July and my favourite shoot has to be Belle the Chocolate Lab….. I so wish I could have kept her but I sadly returned her to her owners after a funny afternoon in the studio.


'an unexpected shower'

'an unexpected shower'

Matt and Cassie’s wedding we got caught in the rain at the botanical gardens so had to make the best of a tricky situation but I got two of the best cracking shots that capture the personality of the couple and the day…. Loved the day it was really a lot of fun, Thanks to the optimism of the beautiful bride and her new husband.

I am guilty this year of trying to fit too much into one year the first cookbook I’ve been working on is launched on September 21st and I am heading to India for 13 weeks on 26th, volunteering for Raleigh and after the training weekend we just had I can’t wait to report on all the brilliant projects we will be working on not to mention the incredible opportunity to make some amazing work, I hope I can live up to expectations!!! Watch this space to find out.